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          House of  worship
Design competition
Tanaf Valley, Senegal

The project consists of a complete redesign of the living area, the initial plan works as two spaces. with all the benefits of having a separate kitchen from the living room, in this configuration it generates a lot of waste of space in circulation and creates a feeling of narrowness. The idea consists of removing the separative partition wall and re-thinking the entrance experience. The intervention makes a full use of the floor area, and offers a space that feels more generous, flexible and engaging.

The project plays on the principle of differentiation and contrast to generate the spaces and ambiances, while being attentive to the materials availability and the construction technology. 
The form consists of a pure volume of 18x18m hosting the worship room, disconnected from the ground and set at 3.5m high, hovering above the small surrounding houses, and overlooking the beautiful valley of Tanaf, a way of keeping an eye on it from a position of a worshipper, admirer and a protector. 
The space is covered by a pitched roof broken down into small units inspired by the local architecture and constructions methods   
The underside of the roof, as well as the floor, is covered by baobab wood panels giving a deep warm atmosphere inviting to introspection. 

The worship room offers flexibility and adaptability of use to accommodate different cults and religions, Christian, Muslim Orthodox, Animism. 
the space can be used entirely or partially, by means of adding separations in between the units and creates different compartments for each cult or for other conditions of use.  

concept diagrams3.jpg
concept diagrams3.jpg



plans 3.jpg
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