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akken is an architecture and design studio based in Paris.
we offer intelligent, meaningful and aesthetically acute design solutions, and help people shape their desirable spaces.


We work on private commands designing exciting living places,

new homes, extensions and interiors. We believe in the unique character of every project and we strive towards unleashing all its potentialities in terms of value, functionality and beauty.
Along with our residential work, we research and experiment new aesthetic and spatial programs which convey innovative thinking about architectonic forms that explore new physical and emotional experiences of the space.

Our architecture is diverse while it shares a common taste for solutions that privilege, light, openness, flexibility, fluidity and a constant quest for elegant simplicity.



Architecture is a witness of the society as a whole human production spanning objects, buildings, cities and landscape

We embrace the progress of our time in terms of technology and draw inspiration from different expressions of the arts, culture and lifestyle trends, while pursuing for singularities that shape our vision of the future.


Design is a posture towards the surrounding physical world aiming at transforming it for the better, by fostering a perfect symbiosis between it's engineering and it's aesthetics. The success of design whether it's an object or a space can be measured by the quality and the intensity of the experiences it can trigger, inspire, or allow to happen.

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Nassim Brouri 

architect - director

Nassim’s interest in design quality and innovation led him to explore different work environments and collaborate with some high profile architecture companies.

His career is an addition of multiple experiences fragments which gave him a great versatility that he uses in the design process.


He gained a strong experience in the UK architecture industry and in France, working on a variety of international projects in masterplanning, residential, hotels and mixed-use from initial sketches to completion. He developed a design flair and the ability to understand the reality and the context of each project in order to provide intelligent and appropriate solutions at both conceptual and technical phases.

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