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          Meditation Cabin
Design competition
Shortlisted project

Ozolini forest, Lithuania 



The silent meditation cabin is a destination of retreat as a therapy for the body and the mind, to recover from the overwhelming urban life.

it’s an opportunity to reconnect with the inner self and with nature.  To be fully engaged in the present and bring our attention to the experiences occurring here and now.
living in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. it’s about capturing those simple yet genuine moments of daily life in relationship with ourselves and our surroundings.

based on the specific requirement of the programme, three main moments or functions were identified. 
Living - Sleeping - meditation

369 cabin is the expression of the separation and the articulation of these three functions.


In order to emphazise and invite the guests for higher level of experience,  each function is isolated materilised by a an identical generic pure single volume, which can be then asssembled together either :

horizontally by juxtaposition to form a  linear cabin with a close relatioship with ground and accessible for wheelchair users,
or Vertically by superposition to form a tower 
for a wider and more dominant view to the forest. 

concept cubes.jpg
concept cubes.jpg
exterior wide5-2.jpg
masterplan 1.jpg
Presentation Board 2.jpg
Presentation Board 2.jpg
view-ext-forest 2.jpg
Presentation Board 3.jpg
view kitchen 3.jpg
Bedroom 1-lighter.jpg
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