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          Berlin techno booth cabin
Design competition 
Shortlisted project


spotlight is an moment in time and space.
It captures a collective dance and music experience 
and translates it into an indiviual one.

The challenge was to design a space and create an athmosphere that reminds the energy and emotions shared in the Berlin clubs, parties and raves dancing on the strong cutting beats of the techno music.

The volume is pure and surounding, designed like a portion of a mini dancefloor putting the user in the centre of the stage under the lights. The exterior skin made of transluscent plasctic and painted with different motifs and patterns inspired by the street art scene, helps to give a feeling of an immersed experience.
spotlight is an autonumous self powered and connected booth, it is equiped with a speaker, lights, and USB and wifi. it an be controlled from a smartphone through an app, making it an object in the city with a potential of becoming little hubs for enjoying, sharing music as also a new means for discovering and diffusing new techno sounds in Berlin.

1. head
2. solar panels + battery. 
power production 300 watts
3. speaker + lights
4. fixed profiles
5. sliding profiles on wheels
at top and bottom
6. USB plugs
7. base
Elevation diagram
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